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You know, it's ridiculous how well this can fit as a theme song for a character I designed for an rpg/story a while ago who (fittingly) is known as a 1 man army by the way xD

Well she's a 1 woman army actually... in any case, excellent job with this as well as all of your work!

I do not understand why this track doesn't seem to receive as much love as the other version personally. I am a fan of this one big time. I don't just feel a need to tap my foot to this and head bob, I MUST for the sake of my own sanity. Well done sir.

On that note however, I must ask. Will you allow me to use this track with proper credit attributed on my YouTube channel as an outtro in the future? I'm constantly expanding my library through Newgrounds and I love the energy in this piece as well as the hard transition at the beginning into the real meat of this song. I feel it would fit PERFECTLY as an outtro transition.

aliaspharow responds:

sure! that would be awesome! go for it. I'm glad you like it so much. i prefer this version too but its very far from my normal style which is probably why my fans don't value it as much.

This one picks up nice and strong, I love it. There is a lot of battle music on newgrounds, but not many of them are truly energetic to be blunt. Not in the same vein as this piece at least. Good job :)

BCCB responds:

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it. :]

Just a guy who enjoys working with computers and gaming. I think I'll be taking suggestions on working towards being a voice actor. Not sure where to begin with that one, but it will be more of a sideline thing. My goal is to voice in a game.


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